At the LLRF Workshop, we will be raising awareness of the humanatarian work done by LABDOO, a non-profit collaborative social network.

LABDOO assists needy Schools around the world by providing them with unused laptops, ebook readers, Tablet-PCs and any devices which can be loaded with educational software. They use best practices so their actions do not have any detrimental effects on the environment.


This network is currently supporting over 950 schools in over 115 countries by deploying more than 200 operational hubs.

At the LLRF Workshop on Tuesday 17 October 2017 we will give delegates the opportunity to get to know more about Labdoo by:

- Having a designated area (Green Corner) set up for Labdoo volunteers where interested delegates will have the opportunity to speak to Volunteers and collect material about Labdoo.  This area will be located next to the Registration desk (Technical Secretariat) on Tuesday 17 October from 3pm until 6pm. 

- Attending a presentation on Labdoo. After this presentation you will have the chance to ask questions. (Presentation to be given in Meeting Room Sud America from 6pm until 6.15pm followed by questions (5-10mins).


Delegates should be reminded that they can hand in any used laptops/tablets either directly to the Labdoo volunteers on Tuesday (from 3pm until 6pm) or anytime during the Workshop (to the Technical Secretariat).

For further information, we encourage you to visit their website: