Speaker Information


Visual presentations should be made electronically using the projection equipment provided by the conference centre.

A speaker preparation room will be located at the Conference Centre to check presentations on the electronic preview system.

Speakers must submit their presentation at the very latest on the day before their scheduled presentation time in order to allow verification and transfer to the conference centre's system.

Any special requirements concerning visual aids should be addressed to the local organizers well in advance of the conference.

Preparation of Talks

The following precautions should be adhered to, to ensure smooth running of electronic presentations:

Visuals for oral presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint, version 2010 (.ppt or .pptx), or Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or later (.pdf). Compatibility of animation or video files must be crosschecked with the Editors office.

Possibly the most typical PowerPoint error is neglecting to embed the fonts into your presentation. If you do not embed fonts and the computer system showing your presentation doesn’t contain the fonts in your presentation, it will substitute another font, often with disastrous results. Together with making your presentation appear unprofessional, a change in font can easily have an impact on text wrapping and table spacing. You can keep this from taking place by using PowerPoint’s “Embed Fonts in File” capability, which assures that the font you used will display on a different computer even if that font has not been installed on the other machine.

For PowerPoint files, use only TrueType fonts and embed them:

To embed fonts in PowerPoint XP/2007:
• Select the Office Button and select Power Point Options.
• Under Save options, select the Embed fonts in the file checkbox and Embed only the characters used in the presentation. For PDF files, be sure to include all fonts when preparing the PostScript and PDF files, too.

Upload Presentations

Speakers are encouraged to upload their presentation before the conference begins via their IBIC2016 Authors Account.

Upload your electronic presentation to the fileserver as early as possible but at latest on the day before you are due to make the presentation. Name the file with the programme code and "_talk" (for example “MOPC001_talk.ppt”) and then upload in the same way as for papers through your IBIC2016 Account. You can find the programme code assigned to your presentation via this interface.

Authors who are unable to upload to the server should copy the file to a memory stick and bring it to the Speaker’s Office in the Conference Venue at least one day before their talk.

Please note that all speakers must give their presentations from the computer systems set up in the conference rooms. Use of individual laptops cannot be accommodated.