Speaker corner

Traditionally, IBIC accepts only oral or poster contributions about beam instrumentation or beam diagnostics, which describe existing installations with beam measurements or other well settled subjects.

In order to make room for new ideas or a description of unsolved problems the Scientific Committee has launched a small initiative called "speaker's corner", during which people will be invited to present shortly any sort of strange idea they have or report on unsolved problems, for which they need help in understanding. From this description it should be clear that people cannot submit material, which they have already submitted for IBIC acceptance as poster or contributed oral to the speaker's corner.

The speaker's corner event shall be restricted to interesting and innovative concepts or measurements, which are worth being shown in the community, but which are not yet ready for a publication.

The total time for the event is scheduled as one hour, so a good handful of individual oral presentations will be possible.

With this email we invite all of you to consider a contribution to this event. If you are interested, you will have to formulate a short description of your subject and send it in any format to the following email address:


The Scientific Committee will select the most relevant proposals. In case your submission is accepted, the latest one week before the conference you will be informed by email in order to prepare a presentation of maximum five slides on the subject. Please note also that all contributions to this event will not be published in the proceedings.