IBIC is dedicated to exploring the physics and engineering challenges of beam diagnostic and measurement techniques for particle accelerators worldwide. The conference program will include tutorials on selected topics, invited and selected talks, as well as poster sessions that will cover the following topics.

Overview and Commissioning
Beam instrumentation at new facilities, commissioning results

BPMs and Beam Stability
Beam Position Monitors (for electron/hadron/photon beam, both electronics and pickups), orbit/trajectory feedback systems, bunch-by-bunch or intra train feedback systems

Time Resolved Diagnostics and Synchronization
Streak camera, transverse deflecting cavity, cavity based arrival time, fibre based timing distribution

Beam Loss Detection
Scintillator (both bulk or fibre) and PMT, ion chambers, electronics detectors (PIN, FET etc)

Transverse Profile Monitors
Screens (fluorescent and OTR), wire scanners (physical or laser), synchrotron radiation monitors (visible and x-rays, imaging and interference techniques), Ionization Profile Monitors (IPMs for hadron colliders)

Charge Monitors and Other Instruments
Current Transformers, Faraday cups, wall current monitors; also all other instruments and measurement procedures not part of other categories

Machine Parameter Measurements
Procedures and systems like betatron tune measurement, chromaticity measurement, luminosity monitors, beam-beam diagnostics, precise measurement of optics